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  1. Metalic Weddings

    Metal wedding decorations have taken over Pinterest boards everywhere with their cool and yet slightly edge elegance. Couples are working in the metallic decor to centerpieces, table decor, and even barware.

    There are no rules when it comes to what type of metallic decorations you can have at your wedding so take a moment to research bronze, silver, rose gold, and black metallics. The easiest way to incorporate this look to your wedding decor is by adding metallic candle holders, metallic plate chargers, and centerpiece items that share all the metallic elements. Couples are getting creative with their wedding rentals and working in metallic serving ware like bronze cups, gold place settings, and metallic table runners.

    Good for: Wedding decoration 2021/2022 trend incorporates metallic into the color palette. Your wedding is the best time to adopt a full glam and shimmers look or sprinkles of shine. Metallics are great for woodland, ballroom, industrial-chic, coastal, modern, country, and rustic weddings.

    Styling tips: For the ceremony, decorate your venue with a mercury glass lantern for a vintage vibe. Use metallic for your stationery and signage. Create eclectic centerpieces with metallic vases or opt for sequined tablecloths for the wedding reception. Mix faux leaves, metallic painted leaves, or accents with floral arrangements. Introduce sparkly bow ties and shoes to your attire.

  2. Unique Wedding Lighting

    Nothing adds drama to a wedding like good lighting. It was not that long ago that we saw the rise of the string light phenomenon take over and since then major moves forward wedding trendy wedding light ideas have been happening.

    • Curtain String Lights
      Perhaps the best way to add a backdrop behind your ceremony or head table is by adding a curtain of string lights. Creating a waterfall look makes this trend seem like it will be around for years to come.

    Good for: They are good for indoor and outdoor venues in winter. They activate the holiday vibes and romance a fairy tale, garden-inspired, whimsical, and wonderland weddings.

    Styling Tips: You can place curtain string lights around the chuppah for an evening outdoor wedding. Let lights surround the couple. It’s also great for the photo booth. Keep the colors simple in an Ombre gradient.

    • Rain Shower Lights
      Creating an elegant touch to your outdoor wedding can be achieved by adding rain shower lights to trees at your venue. Perfect for the rustic wedding that wants to add a little elegance or the garden wedding that wants to add some drama.

    Good for: Rain shower lights are perfect for outdoor and indoor weddings in the autumn. They fit best for tropical, industrial-chic, and modern disco wedding themes.

    Styling Tips: Fix the lights on the dancefloor to enclose the couple as they dance. It also sets the party vibe for guests. For outdoor weddings, fix them around canopies for that dreamy feel. It’s rainfall, so let it rain according to the colors on your wedding palette.

    • Neon Signs
      Making its way to millennial weddings everywhere the addition of fun neon signs has been spotted at weddings from coast to coast. Couples are having fun saying such as “‘till death do us part” or “Mr. & Mrs.” or a personalized sign with their last name hanging at the wedding venue adding a new twist to the old “bar sign”.

    Good for: Neon signs are bougie and perfect for chic indoor and outdoor spring weddings. Restaurants, fields, lofts, clubs, and more are some venues for them.

    Styling Tips: Keep your colors minimal and metallic. You don’t want the guests to go blind from so much bling. Activate the hip-vibe by placing neon signs at the bar, entrance, and altar.

  3. Acrylic Wedding Decor

  4. Planning the ultra-trendy event? Clear acrylic elements will add style. These pieces of design look ultra sleek. You would be surprised to find out that they are also more durable than traditional glass. These decorations and elements are light and may look fragile, but they are virtually impossible to break.

    Good For: Modern rustic, contemporary chic, minimalist, and glam weddings best fit the acrylic decor style. Acrylic is best used indoors or in intimate spaces. They’re classic and serve as better options for paper, signage, and lots more.

    Styling Tips:

    • Craft an interesting indie meets modern look framing acrylic signage in pampas grass.
    • You can also give your elegant indoor space a fresh feel by setting acrylic chairs hooked with minimalist garlands.
    • Say your vows before acrylic floral stands with your initials as toppers.
    • For the reception, you can put them at the entrance.
    • Go full whimsical by creating a backdrop combo of floral, grids, and acrylics

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