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What cards are a must for wedding Invitions

What pieces do you really need for your wedding invitations? Never fear we are here to help.

Foil Printed Details and Rsvp cards

Modern luxury wedding invitations sometimes contain little actual paper and rely mainly on websites to give guests all the information. There are a few invitation enclosures that are still regarded as standard; others, while not necessarily required, will help make your invitations stand out. While every celebration has its own aesthetic and information to convey to family and friends, there are some that are still considered appropriate. Here, we list the items that are an absolute must as well as the ones you should only think about if you want to upgrade your suite.

Response Card and Pre-Stamped Envelope are Required

No matter how you intend to keep track of RSVPs, you absolutely must include a reply card. Remeber even if you are doing online only rsvp you still need a card telling them the website and the deadline to rsvp. If you are doing a traditional mail back rsvp card, including a self-addressed, pre-stamped postcard or envelope will make it simple for your guests to return the RSVP.  Directing guests to RSVP on your wedding website will draw more people to the site so that guests can learn more about the event(s) taking place over the wedding weekend.


Details Card is necessary.

Most modern wedding invitations include all of this information on a single details card, as opposed to the usual practice of printing separate enclosures that included information about transportation, clothing, hotels and travel, the weekend’s schedule, and more. As there isn’t much room on such a card, you should be succinct and include your wedding website. Put the most crucial facts (often, clothing requirements, hotel room block information, and transportation) on the details card, and then provide further information on your website. Remember everyone is not going to go to your wedding website so if there are MUST knows like dress code or parking fees you should defiantly include it on the details card. The “
“nice to know info” like who the bridesmaids are and nearby food can go on your wedding website.

Your wedding Website, semi optional.

These days a wedding website is almost a requirement. Your wedding website should be mentioned somewhere in the invitation suite, if you are going to have one, but it doesn’t need to be on its own stand alone card. Providing your guests with a wealth of information on your wedding website is fantastic. Here, you can find information on accommodations, shuttle timetables, travel instructions, notes on what to wear, your gift registry, and RSVP submission. 

Schedule of Events, optional

You should include a calendar that visitors can refer to if you’re organizing a weekend of events that include a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and post-wedding brunch. To that reason, only include this enclosure in your invitation suite if all of your guests will be invited to each event; otherwise, only include the events that are open to everyone. It will be easier to keep everyone organized if there is a schedule that includes a list of dates, locations, and times, as well as instructions on how to RSVP to each event.

Map and direction, Very Optional

Even if you’re planning a destination wedding, a map is a nice attachment to include, but it’s not necessary. Some couples choose to put them in the welcome bag with information on places guests can go throughout the wedding weekend. For this design, you could want to engage the assistance of an artist or calligrapher. You should highlight your favorite nearby establishments as a type of guide for visitors.

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